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[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
Head Space

Funko Pop Keychain: Avengers Infinity War - Thanos

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Product Description 

Yes, our Infinity War Thanos Funko Pocket Pop Keychain is all the things Thanos isn't: cute, compact, and sort of/kind of okay with a peck on the cheek.

However, his diminutive form should never dismiss his infinite threat-potential he's still very capable of dropping all of Jupiter's moons on your trailer park community.

Measuring 1.5" high, this Thanos keychain is a soft-vinyl, cleverly miniaturized Thanos iteration complete with bobbing head.

Dangling from a sturdy metal keyring, this Thanos keychain is put through the FUNKO figure filter -- it's infused with movie-accurate hyper-detailing (including ridged chin) and "aaawwwww"-inducing cuteness.

Product Information

Product Dimensions Approx 1.5 inches = 3.81 cm
Item Weight

Approx 0.06 ounces = 30 Gram

Manufacturer FUNKO
Material Vinyl
Age Recommended 3+