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[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
Head space

Green Arrow - ArtFX+

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Product Description

The Emerald Archer appears for the first time in the ARTFX+ lineup, posed with a wide stance as he scans for enemies and prepares to draw an arrow.  Oliver wears his New 52 costume featuring a black and green outfit that leaves his arms mostly bare for shooting.  With reinforced boots, a padded chest piece, and armored gauntlets Green Arrow is ready for anything, and the gold accents shine on his buckles and arrow emblem belt buckle.  The archer holds his bright green bow sideways in front of him, ready for nocking an arrow from the full quiver on his back.  Wearing his trademark green hood and mask, the focused hero still shows off a bit of his blonde hair and scruffy beard.

Product Information

Product Dimensions Approx  7 inches = 17.5 cm
Item Weight

Approx 16 ounces = 456 Gram

Manufacturer Kotobukiya
Material PVC, ABS
Age Recommended 15+