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Kill Bill Vol - Original Poster (2003)

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Kill Bill vol 1 - Q.Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is well known for his off-the-wall style of storytelling and these movies are no exception. From a presentation standpoint, he tells this tale of revenge like a novel through nonlinear chapters. Each chapter helps to develop the character and explain Beatrix’s evolution from assassin to bride and back to assassin, though you could argue that the assassin never left. Fight scenes are certainly over the top with the amount of gore and blood that gets spilled. While fighting the Crazy 88, there are limbs everywhere and pools of blood so thick that the characters are sliding around in the aftermath. To tell the story of O-Ren, he uses a cartoon production that takes some of the bloodshed to a greater extreme.

 For Kill Bill Vol. 1, the story is more about the start of Beatrix’s quest of revenge than the actual reason for it or the preparation before enacting vengeance. Chapter 1 (#2) finds Beatrix in the suburbs in a battle with Vernita.

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