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[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
Head Space

Red Skull ( Display Piece )

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Product Description

Limited Edition : 300 Pieces.

An imperfect version of the Super-Soldier Serum gave HYDRA mastermind Johann Schmidt enhanced strength but left his face horribly disfigured. He became known as the Red Skull and would have conquered the world if Captain America had not stopped him during World War II. After the war, he went into hiding and emerged recently in an attempt to regain his youth. The attempt failed, but Red Skull has vowed to destroy the Avengers and conquer the world.

This Red Skull statue is portrayed in his classic costume, A highly stylized design and technically engineered piece is truly unique in its Art Direction and Presentation. Red Skull is in the 1/6th scale family, making it compact and highly collectible. This statue is designed with the collector in mind, from the way he will be displayed, to how he stands with other statues in the same line. Red Skull features the first ever Augmented Reality to grace the Collectibles industry to compliment the stylish design. Be the first to experience Red Skull in a whole new way!


Product Information

Product Dimensions Approx 12.25 inches = 31 cm
Manufacturer XM Studios
Material cold-cast porcelain
Age Recommended 15+