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The Child Soup Sipping & Blanket Wrapped Two-Pack
The Child Soup Sipping & Blanket Wrapped Two-Pack
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The Child Soup Sipping & Blanket Wrapped Two-Pack

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Product Description

From Hasbro’s Star Wars Collection: The Bounty Collection The Child toy collectible toys 2-pack, inspired by the super-cute character from the hit Disney Plus series The Mandalorian!

He may look like a “Baby Yoda,” but this 50-year-old adorable creature is called The Child and is many things: cute, curious, hungry, sleepy, Force-sensitive, and one of the galaxy’s most wanted! Fans can start their own collection of this adorable character in poses inspired by iconic scenes from the live-action streaming series!

This 2-pack of posed-out cuties features The Child in sipping soup and blanket-wrapped poses! It's hard to decide which is the cutest . . . and our hearts just burst!

Product Features

  • 2.20 inches (5.58cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • From The Mandalorian
  • Super cute collectibles
  • Collect them all

Box Contents

  • 2 The Child figures

Product Information

Product Dimensions Approx 2.20  inches = 5.58 cm
Item Weight

Approx  ounces =  grams

Manufacturer Hasbro
Material Plastic
Age Recommended 3+