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[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
Head Space

The Walking Dead #1 : Signed by Whilce Portacio

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Product Description

Signed by Whilce Portacio

The story opens with Officer Rick Grimes and his partner, Shane, in a standoff with a criminal that has escaped from prison. As Rick attempts to flank the criminal, he is shot. It immediately cuts to Rick in a hospital bed waking up. With no nurses or doctors around, he slowly makes his way out of the room to discover that the hospital is overrun by zombie. He is attacked, but, able to get away unscratched. He attempts to find some means of transportation and, only finding a bicycle which is guarded by a half-eaten zombie. After stumbling back in disgust Rick grabs the bicycle, which he uses to ride to his home. When he arrives at his house he finds it ransacked and deserted. Upon exiting, he is hit over the head with a shovel by Duane Jones, and knocked unconscious. Duane's father, Morgan Jones, comes running up and scolds the young boy, telling him that Rick is alive and not a zombie.


Product Information

Event Wizard World Comicon
Art By Tony Moore
Variant Cover By
Whilce Portacio
Written By Robert Kirkman