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Designer Toys

What Are Designer Toys ?

Since the dawn of cave painting, art and technology have always intrinsically tied. Without film, we wouldn't have The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari or Citizen Kane. Without the printing press, we wouldn't have had Toulouse - Lautec's prints. And if it wasn't for silk screening and healthy dose of attitude, we would not have Andy Warhol's Marilyn Diptych. Advancments in technology have always brought about new forms of art, and our generation is no exception.

Computers have brought about an age of digital art, and , as for sculpture , materials like vinyl, resin, and sofubi are being used to bring art into the world of toys.

the most basic answer to the question " what are designer toys?" is that they are a modern art form where factory techniques are utilized in order to create the artist's vision. in truth, there are many answers to the question of what designer toys are, and , just likened definition of "art", the answer presented lie very much in the spirit of "art is in the eye of the beholder."

the umbrella which the term "designer toys" covers encompasses a wide array of types of art. Not only that but the umbrella itself has several different names. And while the term designer toys primarily covers original artist creations, it doesn't necessarily exclude licensed properties in some instances. So while the world of designer toys may be a bit complicated to understand, the common thread throughout is an emphasis on therapist or designer behind the " toy".

Article by
Miranda O'Brien
Editor - in - Chief
Clutter Magazine - Issue 43