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[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
[Game Of Thrones] - Head Space
Funko Pop! Hedwig 10” - Target Exclusive - Damaged Box
Funko Pop! Hedwig 10” - Target Exclusive - Damaged Box
Head Space

Funko Pop! Hedwig 10” - Target Exclusive - Damaged Box

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Product Description

There comes a point in every Harry Potter fan’s life where they wish they had a pet owl named Hedwig, I mean it’s only natural, she’s as cute as she is loyal! Now while we aren’t able to give you a real-life Hedwig (yet), what we can offer you is the next best thing, Funko’s new Hedwig 10” Pop! Vinyl Figure!

In the Harry Potter series, Hedwig is a gift from Hagrid, and now she is our gift to you (well, if you pay for her). Seriously though this may be Funko’s greatest 10” Pop! Vinyl to date, I’ll even go as far as to say this may be one of Funko’s best Harry Potter releases, period.

Featuring Hedwig with her snow white feathers, this EXCLUSIVE 10” Pop has to be seen to be believed. You will literally feel like you have Hedwig in the room when she is a part of your collection, and since her time with Harry may have come to an end, thankfully she will now be able to live on forever by your side!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own one of the most magical Harry Potter collectables on the market. She truly is the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan!

Product Information

Product Dimensions Approx 10 inches = 25 cm
Item Weight

Approx 38 ounces = 1076 grams

Manufacturer FUNKO
Material Vinyl  
Age Recommended 3+